Friday, February 22, 2013

Nate's Nonsense Will Return

I see a number of you have noticed the recent lack of posts on Nate's Nonsense and a number of you have even taken the time to write nice letters of concern and for that I am so grateful.  I wish I had a better explanation other than I became really busy.

For the past 15 years, I taught primarily history (although sometimes a few classes of math or science) at the same high school.  This year, I'm teaching at an independent study high school program in our same district.  I meet with six students each day, for an hour at a time.  Now this sounds a lot easier than what I was previously doing, but it actually entails a great deal of paperwork.  I have to prepare and teach every subject for several grades and then collect and grade the work that comes in.  I had become so proficient in my previous assignment that I rarely took work home to grade, now I'm coming home with a couple hours of work each night.  Because I've committed myself to so many other things, I'm finding that my job is encroaching on my free time.

Although, I do enjoy writing this blog, I always considered this to an avocation.  Due to my increasing workload, I have increasingly found myself frustrated by the quality of my posts and for a time even thought about ending the blog.

Well, over the course of my unintentional break, I have received so many positive and encouraging e-mails from readers all around the world, I have reconsidered ending the blog.  Although I'm not quite caught up, I hope to be so soon.  I'm looking to restart the blog sometime before March.

Some of you may be wondering why I've posted a photo of Douglas MacArthur on this page.  When I was trying to figure out whether I should use 'will return' or 'shall return,' I am reminded of my junior high school English teacher who always seemed to hold General MacArthur in high regard for his proper use of shall in "I shall return."  Personally, I don't think MacArthur and I would have gotten along very well, but I am quite sure he and my English would have hit it off just fine.

Anyone have any strong opinions about either MacArthur or archaic grammatical rules?