Friday, July 29, 2011

West Texas Goes Nuclear

Summer is typically a slower news season.  That's why it came as a complete surprise to military observers when today, without warning, West Texas declared itself a nuclear state.  The seemingly dormant Super Villain, PJM, came out of hiding this morning and declared that not only is he pursuing nuclear weapons, he's been doing so for years now.  CLICK HERE for the original story confirming earlier suspicions in the news report HERE.

Meanwhile, Iran held a national rally this morning welcoming Christoval into the nuclear fold.

When pressed by reporters for an official statement, IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano, formerly of Samsung, repeated a calming, "Okay, no problem.  Thanks for the information.  I understand your concern.  I'll be with you in just a moment.  Thanks for waiting."


RTD said...

There you go ENM. And all you were worried about the grave in his front yard

Judi said...

You've outdone yourself, Nate. How do you think of these things? Funny, funny, funny.

Mathan's Mate said...

At least worth four hoots and a half!!!

Rob From Amersfoort said...

In Texas civil war is imminent since the town of Crawford is now planning to invade Christoval. ‘We will hunt him down’ says George Bush, who has already appointed Dick Cheney as chief general in a desperate attempt to locate the town of Christoval on the map.

Gio. Ve. said...

At the end, Texas got a flag more different from that one of Chile, hahaha!

Charity Grimes said...

Oh my, here it goze agin. I tought yu boyz put dis fuden behine you.

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