Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Honey!

Today is a special day.  February 12, 2012, would have been my grandmother's 100th birthday.

Marymac Maas

She was born Mary MacClelland Goodner, but from childhood, she was known as Marymac – although most of her grandchildren knew her Honey (because she was so sweet).  She was the second of four daughters of Ed and Mary Goodner of Gainesville, Texas.  The Goodner family moved to California when Marymac was still a young girl.  She married my grandfather in 1936 and they had four boys.  My grandfather died in 1960 (when he was 45) and she never remarried.

I remember her as one of the sweetest and loving people I've known.  Her home was always full of laughter.  Marymac died in 1997, but to this day I still miss her.

Happy birthday, Honey!


Judi said...

What a nice memory.

Virgil S. said...

What precious treasures some people, and even their memories, are! Reminds me of several wonderful ladies and gentlemen in my own family. Also, there are folks not in my own family, that I don't even know, whom I strongly suspect are also this type...Doc Watson comes to mind.

Unknown said...

She looks very sweet!

You could label these posts Marymac so you can see al her pics with one click...

Don said...

Honey would have loved this dedication to her.

ahmed said...

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