Thursday, June 28, 2012

Giant Redwoods

Continuing our trip, we drove up and camped in Richardson Grove State Park for the night.  Northern California is home to the tallest living things in the world, the giant redwoods.  I love the redwoods, they are so massive, that it gives you an otherworldly feeling as you journey through them.

Driving through the Giant Redwoods

These trees are difficult to photograph.  They're just too big.  The above picture gives you some perspective as there's a car in the photo.  I tried to find a nice infographic for you, but I ended up cutting-and-pasting my own:

I used the Statue of Liberty in the picture because it seems like everyone uses the Statue of Liberty when describing tall things here in the US.  I personally have never been to the Statue of Liberty, but I suppose if I did, it would put it in perspective.  If I ever go see it, I'll probably be thinking, "Gee, this statue is almost as tall as a giant redwood."

Looking up, I enjoyed this twisty one

In the redwoods, we also met up with members of my Boy Scout Troop who would be joining us for river rafting.

My son, Jonathan, atop a redwood root ball

And as Scouts, we're always on the lookout for a good swimming hole.  There's a nice one at Richardson Grove State Park and when we were driving, we found another that the locals told us about at the California Federation of Women's Clubs Grove, just south of the Founder's Grove in the Avenue of the Giants.  And to my surprise, there was an added bonus – a beautiful four sided outdoor fireplace picnic area designed by Julia Morgan.

Next up on our tour, Kitschy-Cool California...


Judi said...

Those Redwoods are truly amazing. Seems our family drove thru one when I was a kid....or was that a Sequoia.

Jules said...

We drove through the Redwoods a few years ago - amazing trees! And then there was the one you could actually put the car inside... and the giant Paul Bunyan, did you get that far??

Nate Maas said...

Jules, the Paul Bunyan is up at Trees of Mystery, another great stop (which I visited in high school), but we didn't have time on this trip.

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