Friday, August 17, 2012

Sneaky Junk Mail

Now that I'm home, I'm going through the mail I missed.  As I was doing so, I ran across a piece of junk mail that I set aside last month that I wanted to share with you.

The junk mail that almost got through

Mail used to be one of the things I looked forward to.  As I would spy the mailman in the neighborhood, I would wonder who might have written.  Today, it's not so thrilling.  Almost all the stamps are generic and with the stick-em backs, you can't even save them if you collect.  Since e-mail almost no one sends a personal letter and the box is filled with mostly bulk mail junk.  The worst I think are the supermarket circulars.  They're not even addressed to me, but the mailman just jams them into the box.  A few years ago, they stopped delivering mail to the individual houses in the neighborhood and the post office gives you a little lock box and the end of the street, so if you don't empty the junk mail every couple of days, the real letter that happens to come still gets crumpled in a pile of advertisements.

Junk mail has become a horrible game of cat and mouse with the junk mailers trying to get you to open their letters before just tossing them.  I don't really know why they do this.  I'm not more likely to buy something from junk mail if I happen to be tricked into opening it.

So this is my story about how I was almost recently tricked into opening junk mail.  I was going through the pile of worthless advertisements, when the corner of a letter caught my eye.

Suspicious return address

At first it looked like one of those cutesy family return address stamps, "From all of us – Brandon, Anne, Cole, Jake."  But wait!  It had a odd printing error running through the middle.  Why?

Wait a minute!  There's a bulk mail stamp, a generic "mailed from zip code" cancelation stamp, and a presorted bar code.  It's junk mail!  Nice one, sneaky junk mailer.  You almost got me.

Just for kicks, I looked at Google Maps to see where the Brandon, Anne, Cole and Jake family lived in Plano...

Yep, wasn't the sweet little single family home I had originally envisioned.

It's too bad.  I would almost go back to using postal mail for nostalgia sake if it weren't for things like this (oh, and the half dollar price tag to mail a letter).


Virgil S. said...

I agree that handwritten letters are cool. I used to like to finish writing a letter, address it, seal it, put the stamp on it, and then just admire looked so neat and ready to go...even nicer in some ways than a brand new letter that I just got, which always seemed a bit smudged from postmarks and the stress of travel. The little lock box at the end of the street is new to me, maybe because I live in a rural area? I do think the postal workers have a tough job and deserve our admiration and respect, today as much as ever.

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