Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Rafting the Klamath

So the highlight of our trip was a rafting excursion down the Klamath River at the northern boundary of California.

The Klamath River

The Klamath originates in Oregon, but travels across Northern California before emptying into the Pacific Ocean.

Some Scouts posing with Bigfoot

We met up with our river guides in the town of Happy Camp, California.  This part of the world has more Bigfoot sightings than anywhere else and Happy Camp is famous for its life-size statue to the creature.

Our group departing on the river

We chartered an outfit called Orange Torpedo to take the 30 of us about 36 miles down the Class I to IV rapids of Klamath over three days!

In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful rivers in the state and apart from our group we rarely saw another soul.  The weather was pretty good apart from some initial rain, but the river was a balmy 65° (18 °C).

I had gone down the Klamath back in high school, but at that time, they only had giant several person sized inflatable rafts.  This trip, they had individual inflatable kayaks, which were even more fun.

Andrew on a calm stretch

Kristine taking on a more challenging section

The whole family had a swell time.  Probably one of the more fun trips we've had as a family.

The Family

The rafting made for some fun days and the camp life at night hanging out with the others in the group was fun too.

Improvised camp golf course on a Klamath sandbar

Great fun, great company, great scenery, and great nature.  We saw at least five or six bald eagles, multiple osprey, river otters, turtles, birds, and fish.  But the thing I think I enjoyed the most was no work, no shaving, no worries, and the extreme relaxation.

Self-portrait, vacation day five

Everything was beautiful, including my wife – who would be appalled if she knew I was posting this photo, but I think she looks great all the time...

Next up, our final days away...


Judi said...

Your trip looks nice & cool. I am on a roadtrip with our daughter & 5 g-daughters. Devils Tower, Mt Rushmore, Yellowstone. Hot. Smoke from fires everywhere we go. But, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Love your post of Beach Glass. Never heard of such a thing.

Nate Maas said...

Judi, I love road trips! Sounds like you've got a great one going on. I'll have to check your blog and see if you've posted some photos!

Virgil S. said...

Thanks for posting the very nice photos. I've been enjoying your vacation vicariously with them.

I had absolutely no idea that you and Mrs. Nate were such a handsome couple! That little thumbnail photo of you does not do you justice. I would, however, comment that it's generally not a good idea to risk spousal appall.

I, too, was impressed by Glass Beach.

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