Friday, November 09, 2012

What Was There

It looks like the feud is cooling down for the moment as PJM appears to be promising the moon to his readers over on the Old Picture of the Day blog.  In response to reader requests for a domestic update (launched by DADD), he's now saying maybe he'll do something about it next week.  People are so eager to believe the best – they're now content with a maybe.  I swear that rascal nemesis of mine should run for political office.  With his silver tongue, I'm sure he'd win!

Well, some good did come from this latest cyber spat.  I did find a wonderful new (or new-to-me) website that I'm enjoying.  Yesterday, in response to the photo of oxen lined up along Main Street in Sturgis, Dakota Territory, Dave 107 wrote in that he wished he knew what it looked like today, so I went about seeing if I could locate it for him.  This was when I stumbled upon a great website called, What Was There.  Basically, they take old photos from the past and with a nifty map interface, place them over Google Street View maps from today.  By happy chance, they even had the exact photo of old Sturgis.

Although, the site isn't yet extensively well developed, their interface is amazing.  The best feature is the ability to fade the photo over the street view and see what it looks like today.

And for those with an iPhone/iPad, there is even a free What Was There app you can use when when you're on the go.  It is a little different than the online version in that it shows you the original picture with GPS navigation and then when you get there, it uses your camera to allow you to fade the old photo into the modern scene with your camera phone.  I think I may try and partner with our local historical society and see if I can get them to release some old photos of our town and have my high school students find the modern locations for those images.

Thanks to my long time readers who have written and expressed their support for me in this latest tussle with PJM.  I hope my more recent readers have picked up on the notion that it's all in fun.  The feud has a long history and it really started when PJM ran a Mystery Person contest every Saturday morning.  Ah, good times.  You relive one of my more favorite mornings HERE, but here were so many.

And just to end on a note that ties it all together, if I were to run the "What Was There" way back machine on our Super Villain, of course he'd be out in the West Texas countryside wearing the black hat and looking a lot like this:


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Ah a particularly villainous depiction complete with sixgun and black stetson! Obviously holed up in the west Texas back country in the midst of some dubious venture.

Dave 107 said...

That is a very cool app. I was really surprised to see that not much has changed.

Judi said...

Good reference site, Dave 107! Thanks for sharing it with Nate who is always willing to share with the rest of us.
Great idea for a school project, too, Nate.

Chuck Kelly said...

Great site.

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