Saturday, October 30, 2010


Who could I be?  That's the mystery!

Go ahead take a guess and then go enjoy your day.  Check back tomorrow and I'll reveal the answer.  The first correct post will be declared the winner.


jim smith said...

Neshoba County (Miss.) Sheriff Lawrence Rainey

Nate Maas said...

Thanks for venturing a guess Jim, but no, it's not Sheriff Rainey.

Judi said...

Well, Jim, you're way ahead of the rest of us who don't have a clue. What is that banner trying to say?

Nate Maas said...

I don't think it will help and I did not crop this photo, but the full banner said, "Faith Hour Broadcast."

Jules said...

I'm guessing it's a candidate running for election ...?

DAG said...

A real hard one Nate.
My wild guess is Daniel P fuller.

Nate Maas said...

DAG, it is a hard one and unfortunately it's not Daniel Fuller.

Anonymous said...

How about Charles Fuller?

Nate Maas said...

Anon, alas it is not Charles Fuller.

Astrocrabpuff said...

Jules' "running" comment is ironic in hindsight.

Nate Maas said...

Yes, when I saw it, I almost posted something like, "Candidate, no - running, yes," but I held back.

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