Thursday, October 13, 2011

After the Storm

After the Storm. 5613

Postmarked Pond Creek, Oklahoma, July 27, 1908, 6:30 PM

Miss Jessie Burrows
Sta. A.

July 27,

Best wishes
from Adelia.


Fishtail Designs said...

I have the same postcard:

To Miss V. Marmaduke
Bureau of Eng. & Printing
Washington, DC

"Are you back?
Isn't this mean?
But I am happy as can be
for I am at
"Home Sweet Home"

Postmarked Leonardtown, MD
Sept 30, 1909
@ 6AM

Fishtail Designs said...

A postcard from my family's collection. The postcard was written to my 2nd great grandmother. I do not know who wrote it.

Nate Maas said...

Aren't those family post cards curious? Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Saad said...

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