Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Unknown Tintype

Today, I'm featuring a tintype I found in a pile of family photos my Uncle Jim had when he died.  I do not have a positive identification on her yet, but I think she may be Della Mariah Fowler Benton (1845-1899), my great-great-grandmother.  If it is her, it would be the first older photo I've seen of her.  She died in 1899 of the flu, contracted when she went to care for the family of her sister-in-law near Cummings, Kansas.


Judi said...

I wonder how you can ever find out if it is her. Do you suppose there is an APP where you can change a young person photo into how they will look in old age? That would be kinda a cool App.

Brett Payne said...

To me, this looks like it was taken in the mid-1870s ... ish. The subjuect looks to be at least in her late 40s, perhaps 50s, which suggests a birth date of the late 1820s or earlier. I think it may be someone other than Della Benton.