Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thank You Everyone!

A hearty thank you to everyone for all the helpful advice.  There are lots of good ideas out there and I think I may try a few before paying (if need be).

First up will be to try Ellena's suggestion and give myself extra mail accounts and make them "administrators" of this blog to see if I can get more space that way.

I appreciate you all and humbled by the kind responses.  I appreciated the very nice e-mail notes as well and in particular the touching offer from Virgil who offered to contribute to keep the blog going.

You guys are the best and the reason I keep writing!

Thanks everyone.


Judi said...

Thanks, Ellena, for your idea. I copied it all down & will try it next time I run out of space (if I can find my notes by then). Better & faster than deleting hundreds of pictures. And, yes, they are gone from your blog forever.

Rob From Amersfoort said...

Since 2009 I've posted over 1500 pictures on 3 blogs, and I've only used 366 MB up to now. Maybe there are some large pictures you can downsize?

Or you can use another photo upload site, for instance Flickr (I know you have a Flickr account):

How do I post pictures from Flickr?.

Of course at some point in time Flickr will also start asking you for money ...

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