Thursday, February 17, 2011

They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

Mr. Allen Swift of West Hartford, Massachusetts died in October 25, 2005 at the age of 102.  While living 102 is remarkable in and of itself, his automobile may have been even more impressive.  While Mr. Swift's brother went to college, Allen stayed with his father to look after the family business.  In appreciation his father rewarded him by buying him a new two-tone green 1928 Phantom I, S273 FP Rolls-Royce (built at the Springfield, Massachusetts factory).

Mr. Swift remained the sole owner, putting 170,000 miles on the car, until August 2005, when he donated $1 million dollars to the Springfield History Museum along with his automobile.

(Springfield History Museum)

What's the longest you have ever owned a car - that still runs?


Judi said...

A couple years ago I went to Tx to babysit grandkids for the school year & rented from a man named Bill. Bill inherited his grandfather's Model T. It still runs and Bill drives it in parades. Bill is about 65 and his son would love to have that car, but Bill said it goes to his grandson who is a teenager. So, that's 5 generations.
As for me, we still have our beatup '76 Chevy pickup. So, only 35 years.

Roger said...

I'm not nostalgic about cars. To me a car is to get me from point "A" to point "B".
I think 10 years is about the limit for me. Then some times I will trade it in, but usually will give it to one of my kids and buy a new one. I would put a lot of miles on and would get rid of them before they started to need fixing.
But now that I am retired, I may keep them a little longer.

al_luz812 said...

my elder sister bought a new car last year, she dont want to part with her old car because twas her very first one and shes been driving it for years.
so she told me to get a license and learn how to drive , so i did.
i am now a proud driver(NOT YET AN OWNER) of a 1990 toyota corolla, it looked out dated but its in very good shape and is very well maintained.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Like Roger I think of cars as appliances. (Bicycles are another story) I drive a 1999 Honda CRV that we bought new. 155,000 miles later and it's still runs like a top. We've used it hard as a "recreational vehicle" camping, biking, skiing and hualing all kinds of stuff. So 12 years and counting.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

I was just joking last night that the reason the CRV has been such a good car for us is that the Japanese autoworkers who built it must have been strict followers of the bushido code.
The vehicle was one of the last actually made in Japan before production was moved to Marysville, Ohio.

Mathan said...

Up until your caveat "that still runs", I would have said my 1989 Volvo 765. I had it for 15 years and 310,000 miles before the wiring harness caught fire on the way home from work. Had that not happened, I imagine I would be driving it still. I loved that car. I replaced my old friend with a Subaru Outback and it still runs great.

Astrocrabpuff said...

I had a 2000 Honda Civic until recently when it was stolen and "run aground" onto a raised cement flower bed. For a small car it was quite sturdy and competent. I miss it still.

Ellena said...

No they don't and I'm not talking cars (smiles).