Saturday, May 28, 2011


Mystery Theme for Today:  Friends in High Places

Who could I be?  That's the mystery!  Go ahead and take a guess and then go enjoy your day.  Check back tomorrow and I'll reveal the answer.  The first correct post will be declared the winner.

Today, I'm off on another backpack trip with the Boy Scouts, this time to Mt. Pinos, California.  So, I most likely won't be able to check in on the contest.  I've auto-posted the answer for tomorrow, so good luck to you all and have a swell weekend – with an extra special thank you to all our veterans!


Anonymous said...

I don't know, but, I would like it to be a young Alvin C. York. Thanks for your Nonsense. Steve K.

mary said...

I am stumped. How about Jim Lovell?

Anonymous said...

I still don't know who it is, but, I would also like it to be Frank Buckles. Steve K.

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