Thursday, September 29, 2011

Arch Rock, Mackinac Island, Michigan, 1906

Arch Rock. Mackinac Island. Mich.  149 feet above the lake surface.

Postmarked Mackinac Island, Michigan, August 6, 1906, 12:00 M
Rec'd Wichita, Kansas, August 8, 1906, 7:00 AM

Miss Jessie I. Burrows
1153 University Ave.
Wichita, Kan.


Dear Jessie.  Saw this place this morning. Finest drive.  Coolest ?, and most beautiful sights one may see.  Will was with us six hours.  Wish it were 60.  Got your letter in Chicago.  Will write more.  Sincerely, Mrs. Bass.


mary said...

Watching these posts over time has made me feel amazed that Miss Jessie Burrows had a friend that was so well traveled at the turn of the century! It must have been very unusual. It is good that she kept the post card collection.

Brett Payne said...

"Will was with us six hours" - not sure about the other question mark

Nate Maas said...

Mary, Jessie lived on University Street between two elderly sisters, neither of whom had children of their own. In 1899, another sister died and the care of the deceased sister's two youngest children was split between them, one child going to one and another child to the other. Nellie Benton was sent to live with her aunt, Emily Fowler Allison, wife of James Allison. Will Benton was sent to live with his aunt, Clara Fowler Bass, wife of Dr. S. A. Bass. Jessie eventually married Will, so these neighbors became relatives by marriage. Both Aunt Emily and Aunt Clara traveled extensively and had the means to do so.

Brett, thanks for the assist!

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