Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RTD's Favorite Note

RTD, a regular reader of this blog, kindly submitted his choice for most beautiful money, the 1975 $50 Canadian Note below:


DAG said...

Very nice looking Note.
Several years ago while in Ottawa I was introduced to the Canadian $2 dollar coin. We found it a very useful coin. With the likeness of the Queen on the front and a bear on the back it's amusingly known as the "Queen with the bear behind".

Anonymous said...

Not sure about pretty or ugly money. Have been around the world and seen plenty of both.

One of my friends was one of the crew on the aircraft that flew Kissinger around the middle east during his marathon shuttle diplomacy in the middle east back in the early 70's. They were back and forth so much in so few days that they lost all continuity with the various money types and countries of origin. They started calling the money "scooters" regardless of country of origin, and were able to use it in any of the countries they visited.

He lamented later that he probably got ripped off on most of his purchases because he was using the Syrian money in Egypt, and the Jordanian in Syrian. Goodness knows what he used in Israel. Hard to imagine an Arab country taking Israeli money back then.

Too funny!

mary said...

I like the bills with colors. Why not have artisitic money? It lets you appreciate the funds while you have them. Our money is monotonous by comparison. I do like the fact that the bills are all the same size though. I don't think they are everywhere.

The Dutch have a tradition of such great artists. It is surprising to see odd images on their notes.

Nance said...

the "Queen with the bear behind"

"like" lol

Nance said...

the "Queen with the bear behind"

"like" lol

Judi said...

I especially like the back of that bill. Nice of you to nominate it, Roger.
Canadians do have funny names for their money. Don't they also have a 'loonie'?

RTD said...

Their "Loon" is called a "Loony", it is their $1.00 gold colored coin, and has a swimming loon on it.
Their $2.00 coin is actually one gold colored coin in the center of a silver colored coin. That is the one with the queen on one side and a bear on the other, and it is called a "twoonies"
They even made a $4.00 coin with a T-Rex on the back side.
Being only 75 miles from Canada we see their money when we go to Winnipeg about 150 miles away.

Unknown said...

Are $1 actually worth $3000 to $7000 and $2 are worth $10.000 to $20.000?