Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On Second Thought

Yesterday I was lamenting my age and our ugly money.  While I still don't trust our government to make good decisions about money, I figured I'd publicly eat my words after receiving a rather pretty quarter in change.

When I showed it to my son, the first thing he said was, "Pretty quarter."

Thanks to everyone who took the time yesterday to send me examples of pretty or ugly money.  No offense to my Dutch readers, but I think my vote for ugliest money examples sent in were the Dutch 100 and 1000 Guilder notes (used before the Euro).

What were they thinking?


RTD said...

I emailed you a photo of the best looking paper bill ever, the Canadian 1975 $50.00 RCMP bill. Such vibrant colors.

Virgil S. said...

OK, that comment shows what is up. I had thought, "I don't see any money examples in the comments for yesterday. Are people mailing Nate examples of pretty and ugly money in cash?", and,"Are the mails that fast?"

RTD said...

I think Nate is talking about e-mails.
I hope He posts the Canadian $50.00 tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the last banknote (f1000) shows Baruch Spinoza, a famous philosopher. He was thinking many intelligent thoughts ...

Nate Maas said...

Yes, it's all e-mail, not post. Rob, when I read about the f1000 note, it said that the designer wanted to imitate play money and worked his personal middle fingerprint into the design as an inside joke. Is this something you can verify or is it just Internet rumor?

Anonymous said...

Yip, the designer himself confirms this (at 2:13):

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