Thursday, December 08, 2011

Joy to the World

I'm not ready for Christmas yet, but I'm really enjoying all the great music.  A friend sent me a link to a new-to-me artist, Andrew Ripp.  Check out his version of "Joy to the World."  What do you think?


Virgi said...

Well, I like Son House and Lightnin' Hopkins, but I prefer the L Mason/G. Handel version of Joy to the World.
I guess this kind of "Christian Rock", if that's what you call it, might be good for some folks, but our church never plays it and I'm glad they don't.
Truth is, I think this music would be more enjoyable, at least for me, if it were sung in some language I couldn't understand.

Zelda said...

I too am not crazy about this interpretation of the song but I think the young man has a great voice.

mary said...

I love the blues sound and the guitar riffs, but I have to agree: I'm a traditionalist when it comes to religious songs.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I loved the guitar..but wished he would have sung something new and left the Christmas Carols alone..but I am tired of Christmas Carols by mid November anyway.

Thank you for your prayers..I appreciate was a tough week:)

smith12 said...

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