Monday, December 26, 2011

Percolator App

I'm a big fan of the startup business entrepreneurs, especially ones with creativity.  And since the launch of the iPhone, I've been watching the iTunes App Store with interest.  With very little overhead, a talented software developer can write a program for the iPhone or iPad and if they're good enough, maybe even quit their day job.

Today, I want to highlight one of my favorite such apps and the genius behind it.  Percolator was created by John Balestrieri, founder of Tinrocket, LLC.  It's a wonderful little program that can take a guy like me (someone with the inclination to be a talented artist – just without the talent part) and make his images look interesting and fun.  Here are some examples from John's iPhone:

(Original iPhone photo on left and with Percolator magic on right)

Percolator made it's debut in August of 2010 and back then it was a fun little program.  I enjoyed taking snapshots with the iPhone and seeing what it would do.  Unlike a lot of neat programs where the developer creates something fun and just forgets about it, since it's original release, John was hard at work tweaking and improving Percolator to make it even better.  A couple weeks ago, Tinrocket released a new and improved Percolator 2.0!  And it's more beautiful than ever and loaded with more awesome features to satisfy my creative impulses!

Photo using Percolator's Superstar filter

Percolator's easy to use interface on an iPad screenshot

Here's one I took of my son (using a different Percolator filter) headed to the surf yesterday (yes, we live in California):

Kudos to John for producing such a great program.  Percolator is on my short list of must buys for the iPhone/iPad.  I'm looking forward to seeing what Tinrocket comes up with next!

John Balestrieri, author of Percolator

Oh, and let me know if you have an iPhone/iPad.  John has told me, he'll give me some promo codes to hand out and I'm giving it to the people who post the nicest comments about his program and how they might use it.


Unknown said...
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Isabel Caraos said...

I have an iPhone and would like to have a promo code. I heard about this app through AppAdvice. I love photo editing apps and I like posting the things I edit on Instagram and Path. I can see myself editing photos I take on a daily basis since I don't see many people using this app. It's different from what I've seen many people use.

Ellena said...

Sorry Nat, what's an iPhone/iPad and what's an app and and and I'm not kidding. Oh well!

Judi said...

Well, Nate you have the best blog that I read on a regular basis. (Sorry, Duene, but I am fishing for something here). You are informative and educational and I have an iPad and would love to play with John's App.
Ellena: an iPad is a tiny computer that does marvelous tricks like entertaining grandkids with games & movies and is very like a computer. An App is an applicaton or a program that youncan put on an iPad. My iPad has App such as a Bible, dictionary, calculator, translator (Eng to Spanish), maps that tell me where I am in real time, books galore & games like solitaire and so much more.
I love it & so do our g-kids

Rollie said...

Sure glad Judi got that ipad for MY birthday. LOL

Rob From Amersfoort said...

It's indeed a beautiful effect! I must buy myself such iPhone thingy one day.

MOM/Gina said...

This looks really interesting! I'd enjoy trying it...

Anonymous said...
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