Monday, March 07, 2011

Lucky Moon

Postmarked Wichita, Kansas, January 8, 1909, 10 AM

Miss Jessie Burrows
University Ave.

I received your kindly written little missive all O.K. but!  Say really I dident mean to frighten you entirley away from school.  I'm very sorry indeed however I hope you will soon recover and again be numbered with the grave & reverened Seniors. (Hahaha)


Roger said...

I'm pretty sure that should be "hope you will SOON recover and again be"

Nate Maas said...

Yep. A typo on my part. I'll make the correction. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Roger.

Jules said...

I find it interesting that she received the postcard at all, since the address is just "City". Amazing postal delivery back then!

Roger said...

My Gradmother use to get mail just address to:
Main Street
Rugby, Borth Dakota

Judi said...

Now the shoe's on the other foot, Roger. Look at your last post.

But, yes, I agree about postal service of old. My mother received letters addressed similar to your Gramma's.

Ellena said...

I'm puzzled about the postal address also and am guessing nonsense such as
-maybe 'City' automatically meant same place as where posted
-maybe this was posted on a campus
where each building was located on a different avenue in 'Campus City'
-maybe only one University Avenue existed in entire USA
-maybe Mr. Nate will enlighten us/me

Nance said...

City would have meant "deliver to this person in the city from whence it was mailed".

If you lived in Des Moines, Iowa you could have addressed the card to:
### Euclid Street

The world was a much smaller place . . .

Ellena said...

Thank you.

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