Wednesday, March 02, 2011

West View of the Canadian Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Canada, 1908

Postmarked Ringwood, Oklahoma, July 11, 1908, 2 PM

Miss Jessie Burrows,
Wichita, Kansas.
(University Ave.)


Hello Miss Burrows,
   I received your postal Wed, How are you these warm days. I am fine, have been working like a good fellow since school is out. Sister Pearl and I, helped in the field the first three days of this week, we planted cowpeas planted about twenty acres by hand besides an acre of corn, what do you think of me as a farmer girl? Are you busy this summer? Your friend Leta Hays


Ellena said...

Hm, very unusual for a postcard showing a different country than the one it is sent from. Today I am reminded of my stroll through a flea market in Ottawa where I spotted this large box of old postcards and letters. Now that I enjoy reading your current theme I regret not having bought this box filled with treasures.

Judi said...

Yes, Nate, these post cards do sound like they are from students. I wonder if any readers out there from Ottawa can zip a current picture of the building for you to post.