Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Camp-o-ree Photos

This week started quick for me, but I figured I'd post a few photos from this last weekend's Boy Scout Camp-o-ree.  Here you go:

(Morning flags, we're on the far left)

(Blindfold Tent Pitch)

(Tons of great fossils in the hills, don't worry we left no trace)

(Tomahawk Throw)

(Constructing a catapult)

(one of the Scouts hamming it up, yes, that's a car horn)

(Lunch with the guys)

(Older Scouts hanging out in their palatial tent)

(Fun with fire.  Actually, it's just a creative camera angle)

(Moon over the oaks above the campfire)

(Evening campfire)

(Performing a skit)

(Order of the Arrow ceremony)

(Who knows what's going on in the older patrol tent)

(Night hike)


Astrocrabpuff said...

I always wondered what it was you boys got up to. :)

Judi said...

What a great campout. I love the night pictures with fire. Reminds me of a famous picture of young Jesus holding a candle for Joseph while he works. I think it's in the Louvre.

Ellena said...

So that's what it takes to make a 'good' man. Does not come easy.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Kudos Nate for volunteering with Scouting. Thats very honorable.

Nice Fossil find!

Nate Maas said...

Thanks, RCT. Fun working with the boys. My youngest son, Jonathan, found this fossil. They're easy to find where we were. They were everywhere.

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