Friday, April 15, 2011

Escape from Auschwitz

You all know I like history.  Today I read a story about Kazimierz Piechowski, one of 144 people to escape from the Auschwitz Concentration Camp during World War II.

You can read his story HERE.  I saw it in the UK paper, The Guardian, earlier this week.


Ellena said...

Apparently USA accepted the most and Canada the fewest Jewish refuges during 1933-1945 (200,000. vs. 5,000.).

DAG said...

Over the years I have had neighbors and business associates who carried the camp numbers tattooed on their arms as a constant reminder. To me it was also a reminder of how horrible some people can treat others. A real life lesson.

Nance said...

I did a high school term paper on this in 1967 or 68 . . .

Rural Midwest upbringing. Farm country, Iowa. This was not a welfare state. Most of my classmates had enough to eat . . .and if they didnt, I wasn't aware of the food stamps and Aid to Dependent Children benefits.

Jewish. Prisoner of War Camps. Starvation. Death. At age 17, this really was beyond my comprehension.

Jules said...

Fascinating story. Somehow in my history classes I missed hearing that people actually escaped alive from Auschwitz.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

This post really resonated with me. I wasn't going to comment but after thinking about it for a while I just can't keep quiet. I am so sick and tired of listening to people complain about spending money and American lives to promote freedom in foreign lands. Saddam Hussein was a monster as is Mummar Gaddafi. I believe it is our moral obligation to rid the world of these cruel tyrants. These people are the same as Hitler and it is sad to think that they exist today in 2011.
Thanks to the internet I belive the old adage "the pen is mightier than the sword" may really ring true.

Twenty years ago as a young airman in the USAF I loaded bombs on a B-52 that were successfully released against Sadam's forces in Iraq and it pains me greatly that people still refer to this action as an unjust war.

With the greatest hope I belive we are reaching the end of the "dictatorial" era of leadership on our planet. I believe that the internet has played a huge role in the spreading of democracy and we will witness this more and more in the near future.

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Unknown said...

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