Monday, April 18, 2011

Seven Falls, South Cheyenne Canyon, 1906

Seven Falls, South Cheyenne Canon.

Postmarked Colorado Springs, Colorado, September 12, 1906, 7:30 PM

Miss Jessie Burrows
1153 Univ. Ave.

Colo Spgs 9-12-06-
Climbed these steps Monday. Beautiful sight..
Arthur & Irene.


Ellena said...

The view must be breathtaking. Wish I had climbed these steps instead of The Great Dune Pilat in France.
Missed my chance. Climbing is out now.

Nance said...

I want to climb those steps! and/or . . . um . . . okay . . . The Great Dune Pilat in France or any of them will do ... sigh

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