Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Camp Like the Maas Family

When we go to Yosemite, we usually like to camp outside the valley along the South Fork of the Merced River.  Yosemite is a popular place and this year, it been getting a lot of press in the travel world because the snow pack was about 200 to 250% of normal, making for some spectacular waterfalls.  So tourism was up for the summer season and we weren't able to get our normal campsite.

The National Park system has an online reservation system, but the more popular parks fill up months in advance, so each year we reserve a group campsite at Yosemite and then invite other families to join us.  This way we get to camp with friends we like and it's even cheaper that way (about $10 a family or less per night).  And we've never had a problem getting others to join us.  One of the nice things about camping outside the valley is that it's really quiet and we found a spot along the river with a nice swimming hole for the kids too.

Noticing the river was swollen, we stopped off to see our usual swimming spot with the nice jumping rock.

It was anything but our typical lazy river, it was a chilly torrent with some pretty good chop and the kids' jumping rock under water.

The boys thought it was pretty neat to see river so different.

While Tim noticed that there was a pretty good wake in the center of the river and was sad that he didn't have his surfboard.

So he hollered out to his mom asking if it was okay to jump in.  He couldn't hear what she said, so he turned to me since I was standing next to him and asked me my opinion.

Tim's a strong swimmer, so like any dad, I said, "Sure, just be safe."  From the distance we didn't realize that Kristine was giving Tim the thumbs down on the river swim.  He got out to the middle when Kristine realized what happened and started hollering.

(Andrew posing for a photo while Jonathan hears Mom calling Tim back to shore)

Tim got back to shore and was invigorated from his fight with the current.

After we explained that we didn't hear Kristine say no, everything was okay.  Especially since Tim was okay.

(A little nervous still, but happy her kids are safe)

Next stop the obligatory Tunnel View overlook family photo – probably the closest thing we get to an annual family photo and then on to the valley...


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

What an awesome place to create those family memories. Nice job Nate.

Jules said...

What about snakes? When i was younger my family did a lot of camping in N. Cal. and I remember snakes (shudder).
Nice family picture!

Nance said...

Glad this story turned out okay . . . and what beautiful scenery and lovely family. Enjoy every minute!

Anonymous said...

Streaming water can be very dangerous, just think back the tsunamis!

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