Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back with the Sweathogs

Sorry for the several days of silence.  I've officially returned to school.  The budget cutbacks caused a lot of reshuffling at our site and there was a lot to do in very little time.

Here are the big changes from last year...

1)  I'm only teaching two classes now:  World History and US History.  No more math or science this year.  
2)  Fewer returning students than in previous years.  I have about 65% new students which is a little unusual.

These two changes have made for a challenging start to the year.  I was told on Friday that I'd be teaching World History and was given a book at the end of the day.  Students came yesterday and I had to be ready to start.  It's hard to begin a year with no prep time, different books, and a new subject.

But on the plus side, I've got new technology for the first time ever.  Although I've been teaching at the same school for the past 12 years, this year I now for the first time have:

1)  Teacher Editions for my textbooks!
2)  An overhead projector!

In the past I always had to solve problems on my own.  This year, they gave us surplus replacement texts and they came with the Teacher Edition.  Wahoo!  And for the past 12 years I've been doing most of my illustrations freehand on a chalk or whiteboard.  No more, I just received an overhead projector!  No more drawing maps from memory with my back to the students - my poor geography students in past years had to suffer through my less than perfect renderings of our globe.  Not today!  Now I'm not teaching math right now, but I cannot express to you how nice an overhead projector would have been at that time.  It's really hard to keep quickly drawing coordinate planes on the board and then trying not to mess them up too much when illustrating graphs.

Certainly busy, but I'd put this year in my top three "best starts to the school year!"


Anonymous said...

Don't feel sorry for your past students, if there's one thing I recall from my former history teachers is that the best ones were those who could tell a story in a compelling way. You seem more than capable of that, illustrations are just icing on the cake for the most part ;)

Anonymous said...

I have to say that I am impressed by your cheerful attitude and can-do outlook. Question: If I wanted to send you an Email message, how would I go about it? Can't find your Email address on the Nonsense site.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Really? It doesn't sound like you have the proper tools to teach with ..although in the olden days all the teacher need was one book:)

Anonymous said...

Nate, I am absolutely convinced that you could teach World History with no textbook and both hands tied behind your back. :)

Anonymous said...

Only now getting teacher ancillary materials and an overhead? Gullible me, I believed this at first. Now, it dawns on me that the blog title is Nate's Nonsense. Teacher's editions are ordinarily free to the teacher from the publisher...

Astrocrabpuff said...

Anon: it depends on the textbook edition and the publisher if the teacher's edition is gratis. In the case of many new releases there is a cost for the teacher's materials.

Nate: good on you for having such a positive attitude towards the shuffle. I can't even imagine how difficult it would be to teach a class with zero lead prep time.

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