Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

More rain for us out here, 9.5 inches since Friday!  We're in the middle of some storm!  The governor has finally declared a state of emergency for our county.

Having three boys, we were going a little stir crazy, so we went out to check on the grandparents' home in Avila Beach as they're away visiting cousins in New Mexico.  Here are a few shots from that visit.

After checking on the house to make sure everything was okay, we took a quick swim in the community pool.  From the log book, it looked like no one had been to the pool in two days.

(Tim and Jonathan about to receive a surprise cannonball from their father)

We stayed until it started raining again, but before we got back to the house it hailed on us!  That's just a step away from snow!  So we took a quick trip down to the beach to check out the surf.

Along the way we caught a pretty nifty rainbow.

(Tim and Andrew above Avila Beach)

(Double rainbow over the yacht club)

Along the beach we encountered a sight I've never seen, thousands of washed up apples!

(Impromptu Christmas tree with apple decorations)

(Jonathan with his drift-gourd collection)

So we drove up the road to figure out where all the produce came from.  We eventually found the aptly named Creekside Farms.

(The source of the beached apples)


Roger said...

What a shame, all those wasted apples and gourds.
I don't imagine they would be safe to eat

Judi said...

Your pictures tell quite a story - much more so than a dry TV newscast. So interesting/sad about the apple orchard. Thanks for sharing.

Astrocrabpuff said...

Truly a shame about the washed up apples and gourds for Creekside but what a sight that was! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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