Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aloha Nui from the Hawaiian Islands, 1903

Postmarked Honolulu, Hawaiian Islands, Dec. 8, 1903, 10 AM / Oahu
Received:  Wichita, Kansas, December 19, 1903, 2 PM

Miss Jessie Burrows
University Ave.

Waikiki Beach
Nov. 29– 1903.
Dear Jessie,
This the way the natives eat at their feasts.  No plates knives forks or spoons they eat poi, raw meat, fish.  Poi is in those little bowls you see in this picture.  My Aloha I send to you all.
Nellie –
Merry Xmas & a happy New Year.  Aloha = love & best wishes


judi said...

What an interesting picture. Is that a house beside the people? Seems so close to the water.

Roger said...

Another penny post card.
They didn't waste any space on the back side.
Lucky it say "THIS SIDE FOR ADDRESS ONLY" on the front side on the card

Ellena said...

OK, I'll have a bowl of poi and a boat ride after the meal, please.

Far Side of Fifty said...

What an interesting bit of history..I wonder how long the boat ride was to the Hawaiian Islands back then..:)