Friday, April 22, 2011

Back from the Eastern Sierras

Okay, I'm back.  Our family took a quick trip to the Eastern Sierras here in California.  What a fun trip!  You'll hear more about it soon, but here's a little preview...

(The boys at Convict Lake)

Anonymous was correct, the snapshot from the last post was taken out our window along 395.

By the way, Person-of-Mystery contest should commence as usual tomorrow at 8 am Pacific Time.  I'll be on an all day hike, but I'd like to wish you best of luck ahead of time!  I'll look forward to seeing who won when I get back.


RTD said...

Good looking group of boys you have there, they must take after their Mother.

Anonymous said...

I have been up and down 395 many times, sight seeing, shooting and just taking it all in. Hope you had time to visit ghost town of Bodie on your trip. Maybe some other obscure has-been significant town east of there, too. Thanks for your always interesting pictures. Steve K. Madera, CA

Nate Maas said...

Steve, we did not have time to go to Bodie this trip, although I've been there before and it's one of my favorite spots. I had to get home for a backpacking trip on the coast. Maybe next time, hopefully.

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