Friday, June 17, 2011

Maas Brothers

Today I'm featuring a photo of my grandfather with his brothers.  My grandfather, Dick Maas, is in the middle.  Uncle Bill is on the left and Uncle Barney is on the right.  My great-grandfather and his brother Ben ran a meat company together for a short time and the boys are posing by the delivery wagon.  The brothers pictured here were originally from Kansas City, Missouri, but then removed to Southern California.


Momma Nic said...

What a great piece of family history. Gather all the stories you can. Time is fleeting. Voices become silent. Thanks for sharing. Milk fed poultry...hmmm maybe PJM should start feeding his peacocks some milk.

mary said...

What a great photo! I wonder if Hunk A Dory corned beef was a brand ? or was that their marketing term?

Nate Maas said...

Mary, I think "hunk-a-dory" was just their way of saying "hunky dory." Either way, I don't see this term being used too often advertising today.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture!

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