Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Feud that Jumped the Shark

Yesterday, Anonymous posted that the feud with PJM had "jumped the shark."  I was unfamiliar with this idiom, so I looked it up.

Interestingly enough it comes from an old Happy Days television episode.  A very popular show when I was younger, Happy Days definitely ran longer than it needed to.  It was cute at first, but the later shows (especially at the new Arnold's) were a disappointment.  To bolster ratings, sometimes they'd mix up the show with an unusual attention grabbing stunt.  In season five, the crew goes out to Hollywood, California, and Fonzie steals the show by taking on a bet to jump with waterskis a shark being held in an ocean pen.

Well Anonymous, thanks for your input.  And if this were just a fun blog written for my own amusement, I would certainly change things up and inject new material.  But I don't know how to get this across to a sleepy citizenry, PJM of West Texas is a real and dangerous person!  And I don't mean to be flippant here, but how many of you have had a Super Villain declare war on you?

Official Commencement of Hostilities as posted on my Facebook account

Ridding the world of super villainy is not an easy process, sometimes the work is not glamorous, but stay with me as we "jump the shark."

Just to give you a taste of what we're up against, I have obtained evidence of one of PJM's earliest acts of horror, the creation of a two-headed cat.  Warning, the following image is not for the feint of heart:

A young PJM with his Felineinstein

I hope that didn't scare you all too badly, but I think people need to awake to the danger.  If he can do this with a kitty, imagine what he could do with a mutant peafowl army!

Recently, PJM made the world aware that I was seeking photographic evidence of his villainous past.  I would like to thank the following people for their submissions to date:

An unnamed artist by the initials R.A.M.
The Eldorado Volunteer Fire Department
Boy Scout Troop 18
Fairy Princess Ballerina Camp
Certain members of the Multimedia Class at Eldorado High School.  Go Mighty Eagles!
The Mias Amigas Club
An anonymous tipster at the Eldorado Success
The Christoval Vigilance Committee
Members of the Christoval Baptist Church
too many former friends to name here
two jilted former girlfriends
one retired judge
three former professors at Stanford University
former co-workers from the oilfields of Texas to the laboratories of New Mexico
and a person currently in witness protection somewhere in Africa

Of course, additional submissions from my readership are always welcome and may be sent to the e-mail found in my profile.

Together we can stop the spread of super villainy!


Anonymous said...

I am rolling on the floor in hysterics! That Nate is one sharp guy.

DADD said...

I'm going to stay out of this WAR.
The last time I tried to help bring the war to a peaceful end, both of them turned on me.
The next thing I knew I was looking over my shoulder and waiting for revenge.
Nope, this time I will stay by the side lines and read the about the tragic results
and hope that there are to many causualties.

Judi said...

You really missed your calling with the mighty PEN, Nate. LOL. I've noticed that PJM just can't keep up with you. Is he even in the challenge?