Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Reveal (for now)

Congratulations to Merideth, winner of yesterday's Person-of-Mystery Contest!

I had assumed that yesterday's person would have been more difficult for you guys, but yes, it was the notorious outlaw Tom "Black Jack" Ketchum.

Black Jack was not the last villain to emerge from Tom Green County, Texas, but he might have been the most humorous.  I'll have to write my thoughts on Ketchum later as our youngest son's soccer team somehow keeps winning and they're advancing in tournament play today.


Merideth in Wyoming said...

Nate- I had an inside foot in this one. I live only 30 miles as the crow flies from Hole-in-the-Wall and since Ketchum rode with the Butch Cassidy gang for part of his career, he was easily recognizable to me. When Ketchum was hanged in Clayton NM, his hangmen were inexperienced and he was decapitated immediately upon the 'drop'.

Astrocrabpuff said...

Go Team Maas!

Morris Tombs said...

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Opilsa said...
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Opilsa said...

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