Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Cody McCasland

I'm not a big fan of Facebook, but it has its place.  It's nice to see pictures of my cousins from time-to-time and things like that, but I'm really not all that active on Facebook.  For me, there are too many invitations from people to help them build imaginary farms, people letting me know that they just checked in at a coffee shop, and people questioning my sincerity if I won't repost some message as my Facebook status.  And while I'm thinking about it, has anyone figured out what the proper etiquette is surrounding what to do with all the birthday wishes you get every year?

This blog is linked to my Facebook account because occasionally I post older family pictures and other items that relatives might find interesting.  When I do, I sometimes receive comments on Facebook and then I go there to reply, but as I do I scan down and see the same type of posts.  The other day, I saw the following inspirational photo.

Since I'm a school teacher, I thought I might print this one out and post it in my classroom, but I already knew that I should probably check out the background story to answer the inevitable questions from my students.

Cody McCasland was born in 2001 missing several leg and knee bones due to a congenital disorder called caudal regression syndrome.  At 15 months, it was determined that it was in Cody's best interest to amputate his legs to allow for greater mobility.  That same day, hospital staff noticed Cody trying to walk on his stumps.  He was given prosthetic legs and now competes in races and other athletic competitions, raises money for charitable causes, and serves as a spokesman for the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

I don't watch a lot of television, so you probably all saw him on a talk show years ago, but if you haven't, you can watch his story HERE.

By the way, the photo in this post was of Cody crossing the line at the Dallas White Rock Marathon.  Amazing!


Judi said...

And that grin on his face is just great.

Anonymous said...

LOVE! Thank you for blogging about this boy. Talk about inspirational.

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